Ideal Carehomes offers above Living Wage

Leeds-based Ideal Carehomes says it will be paying all their staff above the National Living Wage. The lowest paid in the organisation will now be paid £7.50 per hour, representing a 15% increase on Ideal's current lowest wage.

Ideal has long offered additional benefits to staff such as iPhones, shopping discounts and childcare vouchers.

Newly appointed chief executive Matt Lowe said: “The introduction of the living wage has given providers like us the opportunity to demonstrate our dedication to a quality care offer and recognition of how hard our staff work to create such great places to live. Offering an above living wage, never mind minimum wage, rise is a no brainer for us and puts us ahead of the curve in the sector.”

Whilst the Chancellor’s announcement to introduce the Living Wage from next year has been met with caution by many in the sector, Ideal believe the raise will help them improve their offer to residents. The decision to make the introduction at this early stage, reflects Ideal’s understanding that quality care requires motivated and committed staff.

Sarah Colling, Ideal’s head of HR, commented: “Ideal wants to recruit and retain the best staff. We believe that today’s raise in hourly pay will show our staff how committed we are to their roles. It’s not all about wage, however, and we believe that providing our staff with full training, regardless of their role, is vital to creating the right caring environment. Their achievements as carers are central to our achievement as a provider.”


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