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Unlock digital care in January and save 20% on care tech with The Access Group

The winter period brings many strains and challenges for care providers, but investing in technology can help, says James Taylor, Head of HSC Content at The Access Group.

Digitisation and change may be low down on the list of priorities, but winter reminds us that the right technology used correctly can solve many challenges that hold services back.

For care providers looking to take on new technology, there are some key ingredients to success.

Here are the most important elements, which have helped thousands of care providers with their digital journey.

  • Get perspectives from across the team – Care workers, managers and others will see things differently, and have a different understanding of what is most important in any system. They may spot a key flaw or strength that the management have missed.
  • Communicate – Keep everyone in your service up-to-date with your plans to digitise. Make sure they understand why you are making a change, how it will benefit them, what they should expect and timescales. This will help people feel involved with the process, and less like digitisation is something happening to them.
  • Project owner – You’ll need at least one person to ‘own’ your digitisation project and be the point of contact with the supplier. Ideally have an Owner and a second in line to keep things moving if your owner leaves or is absent.
  • ‘App Champions’ – Identify people from different roles that are enthusiastic about digitisation and keen to help lead it. Your ‘App Champions’ will spread enthusiasm and, crucially, help raise and address concerns from employees. They help you secure that buy-in from all staff that is vital to making digitisation a success.

The New Year is a time for change and improvement.

To give care providers and care workers a boost in their efforts to innovate, we are offering a 20% discount on all Access Care products, plus £250 worth of shopping vouchers for staff.

As an NHS Assured Supplier you can be confident our solutions have the necessary robustness and features needed to help you improve care quality, efficiency and collaborate with other health and care services.

Alongside our digital care record systems we also offer integrated electronic medicines management and a wide range of other solutions to help digitise your entire care service, in one easy to use ‘hub’; Access Workspace for Care.

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