86 year old follows in her mother’s footsteps

An 86-year old woman has moved into the same care home that her mother became the first resident of 30 years ago.
Molly McIlvenny moved into Czajka Care Group’s Brookfield Home in Shipley at the beginning of the year and is the daughter of the homes’ first resident Clarice Mirtell Lambert who moved in in 1983.
Molly says: “When my mother came to the care home I visited her every single day. Living just around the corner it was the ideal spot for my mum and she was very happy here.”

Visiting on such a regular basis meant that Molly got to know the staff and routine very well. She explains: “It wasn’t just my mum who was made to feel a part of the family but I was also welcomed and felt at home here.”
General Manager Gillian Butler says: “When it became too hard for Molly to remain at home with her husband they came to talk to us about options. Having spent so much time with her mum at our home both Molly and James felt very confident in the care we provide which helped them to make the decision. Molly has her own room overlooking the home’s gardens with en-suite bathroom and is provided with 24 hour care which means her family feel reassured about her health and wellbeing.”


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