Jane Ashcroft Anchor's Chief Executive

Anchor says Review does not go far enough

Anchor, the non-profit care home provider, says the Chancelloe’s announcement of a 2% increase in council tax for local authorities does not provide enough funding to maintain vital services.

Jane Ashcroft, ceo of Anchor said: “The money for specialist housing is welcome and recognition that it is good for older people and reduces pressure on the NHS. But it doesn’t go far enough given the huge impact of our ageing population.

Jane Ashcroft Anchor's Chief Executive

Jane Ashcroft Anchor’s Chief Executive

“Building desirable housing for older people can have a massive effect on the property market because it also frees up larger family homes and helps everyone on the housing ladder. The planning system must also be looked at to remove the disincentives to building specialist housing for sale.

“The proposal to allow local authorities to increase council tax by up to 2% to fund social care is woefully short of what’s needed. It also risks a postcode lottery of care in which the poor and the old face the biggest tax hikes. The shelving of the cap on care costs in July has created real concerns which today’s announcement does not sufficiently address.

“Government made a manifesto commitment to look after people as they grow old yet more and more people are facing care fees on their own. I am seriously worried that the Government risks failing to achieve its commitment unless it addresses the long-standing issues of underfunding of the care system.

“This is a major issue today for older people and younger people planning for their future. Our research has found that well over a third of over 55s are concerned about being able to afford adequate care in their old age. I hope that today’s announcements on older people’s housing and care are just the start and indicate more action to come.”


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