Annual care home fees reach £33,000

Average care home fees have risen to more than £33,000 this year, according to home care company Prestige Nursing.

It means that rises in the last 12 months saw costs rise at the fastest rate on record. The 9.6% increase is nearly double the previous year’s rise.

The survey found the east of England had the highest average fees at £40,820 a year. By comparison patients in Yorkshire and the Humber paid £28,964 a year.

Jonathan Bruce

Jonathan Bruce, managing director of Prestige Nursing and Care, said: “This reinforces the fact that we are facing a serious and prolonged social care crisis. Spiralling costs mean people must talk about how they will fund care for themselves or their loved ones.

“The magnitude of the challenges facing the sector means there is a desperate need for a political solution to the crisis. While fixing social care will not be easy, it can be turned around if policymakers set out a concrete plan that takes into account the need of patients, providers and councils.”



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