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Artificial Intelligence in care planning: can we predict the future?

The unprecedented transition into new technologies during the pandemic is changing how care is managed and delivered.

Care homes are looking for innovative tech solutions to keep occupancy rates up, stay compliant and attract and retain experienced staff. We have seen a wide adoption of video and messaging tools as well as social and health apps, for example.

According to Sekoia co-founders Tobias Hoher and Morten Mathiesen (pictured below), care homes will continue to look for something different when it comes to care planning.

Sekoia is aware of this and has been working with a care provider in Surrey to proactively monitoring residents’ “data patterns” using artificial intelligence (AI).

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“The idea is to secure outcomes in a more cost-effective way to rehabilitate and detect early signs of change or deterioration,” said Mathiesen. “With the enormous amount of sector time already put into registering and recording care, why not make the best of that using technology such as AI?”

Data driven

A nursing home resident represents 18,250 data points per year and a typical nursing home registers around 50 different notes or pieces of information per resident per day.

“This represents 18,250 important pieces of information about a resident’s care needs and treatment over a year,” adds Matthiesen. “This amount of data exceeds the capacity of the human mind. Artificial intelligence can help provide oversight and insights to guide frontline and back-office care professionals.”

At the Surrey care provider Sekoia can monitor changes to any individual resident’s data pattern.

“We are bringing the provider’s attention to changes before they could ever have been noticed or picked up in their current procedures. AI provides an early warning system to predict things before they happen. So, instead of just responding to changes, you can potentially prevent them from happening in the first place.”


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