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Barnsley care homes urged to pay share of staff pay rise

Barnsley Independent Care Home Association (BICHA) is urging local care homes to pay their share of a staff pay rise shared with Barnsley Council.

The member organisation has negotiated a £1 per hour minimum pay rise for front-line care workers that will be split approximately 50:50 between Barnsley care homes and the local Metropolitan Borough council. This is intended to be paid in addition to the national living wage.

In the deal, which is optional for local homes to adopt, increased pay will be backdated to 1 April 2021. Aditya Jain of Panaceon Healthcare and a founding member of BICHA says care homes should see this as a way of recognising the hard work and dedication of care workers during the pandemic.

He said: “[The] care sector in Barnsley… makes a huge economic contribution to the town and it is morally right that employees are recognised appropriately with fair pay.”

Jain added that the negotiations had also created a new, stronger relationship with BMBC and that the aim was to build on this and “work together to ensure that Barnsley is the best local authority for social care and care staff wages.”


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