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New Ottoman bedding website makes purchasing easier for care homes

A bedding business has launched a new wholesale website for care homes with automatically calculated pricing and shipping capabilities.

Ottoman Textiles specialises in manufacturing wholesale bedding to care homes, hotels and retailers at a discounted rate.

Care homes have a high demand for bedding items and need to provide hygienic sleeping arrangements for their residents. Care homes also have different requirements when it comes to bedding.

With the launch of this new wholesale website, Ottoman Textiles is providing care homes with a hassle-free way to purchase bedding. It will save care homes, time and effort, so they can focus on providing the best care for their residents.

Bedding products available include pillows, cushions, duvets, mattress protectors and much more. Ottoman Textiles strives to offer value and competitive prices to customers while maintaining excellent customer support.

The website has a clear and intuitive design, making it easier for the user to navigate. Visitors can easily find the information they are looking for and checkout the products they want.

Comparing prices and products

Normally, it is common for customers to request a quote when purchasing in large quantities. On this website the prices of products are listed for a range of quantities.

This helps customers make informed decisions when purchasing. Customers can easily compare products and prices across a group of suppliers, including taxes and shipping fees.

The pricing is a tiered system, the unit price of a product decreases as the quantity increases. By ordering in bulk quantities, care homes can take advantage of this system to help with budgeting and reduce the cost of supplies.

Listing prices can also save time for both supplier and customer.

With specified pricing online, care homes can easily place orders without the need for extended communication and price negotiation. This improves the efficiency of a transaction for both parties.

In addition to the pricing and shipping, the website also offers other convenient features for businesses.

For example, care homes can re-order their favourite products from previously saved orders in their account. Items such as mattress protectors are essential items for care homes, they protect the mattress and keep it fresh. Users can also customise their order by selecting size and colours to meet their specific needs.

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