Bigger and more expert inspection teams coming from CQC

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has announced it will be introducing bigger, more expert inspection teams. It will appoint a Chief Inspector of Social Care and Support.

In launching its plans for the next three years, the CQC has emphasised that its role is to be firmly on the side of patients and people who use services.

It has also promised to publish better information, helping the public to easily find and understand its reports on care services. This will include ratings of services.

The Commission will change the way it inspects to make sure it looks at the things that are most important to people: are services safe, effective, caring and well led, and do they respond to people’s needs?

The plans also include using information and evidence more effectively to predict, identify and respond to services that are failing. This includes listening better to people’s views and experience of care and to care staff to hear about their concerns.

There will also be a more thorough test for organisations applying to provide care services, making sure that named directors, managers, and leaders of a service commit to meeting CQC’s standards and are tested on their ability to do so.

CQC chair David Prior (pictured) said: “This is an important moment for CQC. We have recognised we need to change and are determined to do so swiftly. We will work with those we regulate and our own staff to develop a better system of regulation and to build a high-performing organisation that is well run has an open culture that supports its staff, and is focused on people.”

The full strategy can be found on the CQC’s web site –


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