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BookJane arrives in the UK to boost care home workforce management

Canadian healthtech company BookJane is working with UK care homes to improve employee wellbeing and the care experience provided to residents.

On our special podcast, Bob Kallonen, the former president of Amica Senior Lifestyles in Canada, discusses how using the BookJane technology improved the running and culture of Amica and boosted staff recruitment and retention.

Hear former Amica president Bob Kallonen talk about how UK care homes can use the BookJane technology to improve their workforce management

BookJane has now brought its turnkey technology solution to the UK.

The cloud-based system helps care homes streamline their workforce management processes so they can focus more on delivering great care.

Kallonen explains how Amica reduced the excessive use of overtime, cut the number of agency workers needed and removed care leaders from some tasks that were not offering value when it came to delivering care. The solution also helped to improve the culture of the organisation because all employees, whatever their status, felt appreciated and respected.

“There was one study I saw recently that confirmed that the quality of life for the resident is inextricably linked to the quality of the relationship they have with the person deemed to be their primary care giver,” said Kallonen. “You can now use technology to build stronger human relationships.”

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