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Care England backs sustainability plan

Care England has welcomed the Care Provider Alliance publication ‘Provider Market Sustainability – Planning Support to Councils’ as an opportunity for local authorities to recognise the pressures facing independent providers now and in the future.

Professor Martin Green OBE, Chief Executive of Care England, says: “This report evidences the significant pressures care providers are currently operating under. It is now incumbent upon local authorities to recognise these pressures in their market sustainability plans due to be submitted to the Department of Health and Social Care on 14 October, to reflect the current and future reality of the sector to sustain the workforce and financial viability, whilst also to address the impact of rising energy and agency costs, as well as rising inflation.”

Provider Market Sustainability – Planning Support to Councils reflects a number of care providers’ thoughts on the Fair Cost of Care process and lays out their key concerns.

The exercise is a process of engagement between local authorities, commissioners, and providers, data collection, and analysis by means of which local authorities and care providers can arrive at a shared understanding of the local cost of providing care. The cost of care exercise is aimed at helping local authorities identify the lower quartile, median, and upper quartile costs in the local area for a series of care categories.

Alongside Cost of Care exercises, local authorities are required to develop and submit a provisional market sustainability Plan, which will be followed by a final market sustainability plan when local government budgets for 2023 to 2024 have been confirmed.

The key concerns for providers detailed within the CPA publication were workforce, energy, inflation, and Return of Operations/Capital.


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