Care England meets Treasury officials post Brexit

Professor Martin Green, chief executive of Care England, has been meeting senior officials at the Treasury, following the referendum decision to leave the European Union.

Professor Martin Green

Professor Martin Green

“Whilst we understand that the Treasury, and all other government departments, will be exercised by the implications of Brexit, it is important that they also pay attention to social care, which regardless of the UK’s position in Europe, will remain a central issue,” said Professor Green

“Care England will continue to turn up the volume on social care and work with politicians to ensure providers can continue to provide high quality care for those in need. Social care underpins the sustainability of the NHS.

“There has been much discussion about the fall out in the NHS; however we need to remind politicians how vitally important the staff in social care are. It is essential that regardless of their background they feel valued. Recruitment and retention are essential components of the health and social care system”.


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