Care England welcomes CQC discussion paper

Care England has welcomed the CQC’s discussion paper ‘Building Strong Foundations’, and its emphasis on better co-working with providers, but stresses the need to create a climate in which providers can drive quality and are empowered to co-regulate.

Professor Martin Green, (right) chief executive of Care England said: “We are pleased to see CQC’s recognition of the need to adapt its strategy to the changing health and care landscape, and we will be issuing a full and considered response to this initial discussion paper within the stated timeline.

Crucially, the CQC must assure local authorities of its strength as a regulator and improve communication with councils to avoid excessive and duplicative regulation. By better co-working, as the discussion paper states, we agree that regulation could be made proportionate. We are initially open to sensible suggestions such as a risks-based approach and better differentiation which promise to reduce unnecessary regulation.”


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