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Let there be light – the power of good care home lighting

Good care home lighting can stop residents feeling confused and reduce the risk of falls.

Architects report that reducing glare, shadows and reflections creates clearer visual cues. Some residents can mistake a shadow on the floor as a hole, for example, and perceive it as a barrier they cannot cross.

Lauren-Di-Pietro | Nursing Home Agency Advice
Lauren Di Pietro

“Lighting should be good, even and natural,” said Lauren Di Pietro, architect at DWA Architects. “Simple ways to increase natural light include keeping curtains open during the day and ensuring there are no unnecessary nets and blinds to obstruct light. Also, make sure hedges and trees are cut back if they overshadow windows and block out sunlight.”

She added that care homes should assess lighting in main traffic areas, especially on the stairs and in toilets. It is also advisable to use contrasting colours for grab rails, toilet seats and flooring to avoid confusion in private spaces. Residents living with dementia may want to remain independent and unaided.

“Light switches should be easily accessible and straightforward to use with a good ergonomic feel and easy to see,” said Di Pietro. “Automatic light sensors can reduce the need for switches while saving energy if a light is accidently left on.

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