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Care home relies on Rensair to deliver clean air 24/7

Rensair has supplied Brookvale care home in Prestwich with portable, hospital-grade air purifiers to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19. 

Brookvale is an 80-bed care home for adults with learning and physical disabilities. Set in 12 acres of sensory gardens and extensive grounds, it provides a calm, relaxed place to live and visit.

“That calm and tranquillity was challenged when the pandemic hit”, said Carl Richmond, CEO at Brookvale. “Our staff members aim to provide 100% care and Covid was an invisible threat. It’s been tough for everyone and it became clear that we needed to put measures in place to ensure that we’re better equipped to deal with further potential outbreaks.”

Advice given

Brookvale sought advice from Rensair and, following a site visit to assess communal areas and occupancy levels, received a proposal based on the company’s modular, portable air purifiers.

“Rensair’s pre-Covid experience with hospitals added credibility and we had some prior knowledge of UV disinfection because of our hydrotherapy pool”, said Carl. It stands to reason that trapping pathogens with HEPA before destroying them with UVC light is more effective than fly-by-kill methods on moving targets.”

Brookvale made a point of communicating to client families about the new infection control measures put in place, knowing that nobody wanted a repeat of the visiting restrictions that had caused so much angst during lockdown. Upon delivery, the impact was immediate.  

“We noticed a difference in the air quality, as well as a notable absence of the odours to which we’d become accustomed”, commented Carl. “The portability of the units is a distinct advantage too, enabling us to move them around to where they’re needed most on any given day, depending on the activities taking place. We think of them as fellow members of staff, working around the clock to protect us all.”

In a test to determine the Rensair unit’s performance in reducing the concentration of Covid-19 particles in the air (using MS2 bacteriophages as a proxy for SARS-CoV-2), the Danish Technological Institute recorded a particle reduction rate of 99.98 % in 15 minutes and above 99.99 % in 30 minutes. Furthermore, the test reported 100% elimination of virus particles on the filter, with zero traces detected.

“We now feel that the health of those within our care at Brookvale is properly protected and their families are reassured”, concluded Carl. “Equally important is the protection of mental wellbeing. For our clients, that means being allowed to continue their scheduled activities as well as enjoying unrestricted family visits.”

For more information contact Rensair via or by calling +44 (0)20 3973 8927


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