Care home #snowheroes: Care Home Management salutes you

Care home staff in all parts of the country have contacted Care Home Management with their #snowhero stories.
HC-One Fairview in Bannockburn tweeted Care Home Management with a picture of their make-shift bedroom in one of the lounges, and told us how staff stayed in the home for over 48 hours whilst others walked miles and offered colleagues beds for the night to ensure residents got the support they needed.

Meanwhile, staff at Berehill House in Whitchurch, Hampshire, were also temporary overnight ‘residents’ in order to care for staff; cooking, cleaning and entertaining, including building snowmen (right).

On Friday, care home staff were officially thanked by England’s chief nursing officer, Jane Cummings, and the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, who tweeted: “Thank you to all the nurses, midwives and care staff who together with so many other clinical and non-clinical staff are doing so much to get to work and to patients’ homes to provide care and support in this weather.”

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