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Care home staff lose jobs as vaccination policy takes effect

The “No jab, no job” policy has now taken effect in care homes, and managers and directors are having to make the tough decisions to dispense with members of staff.

The policy has led to care homes being described as “unwitting guinea pigs” by Vic Rayner, CEO of the National Care Forum.

A survey carried out by the NCF reveals that providers estimate that about eight per cent of the workforce will be lost. Implementing the policy had been time consuming – time that could have been better spent on recuitment and the wellbeing of existing staff. Ninety one per cent of respondents said they required additional HR help and 93 per cent said they had to run additonal one-to-one sessions for staff to talk them through the policy and its implications.

The NCF says the national roll out of the policy has been chaotic, with respondents critical, stating that their experience on the ground is one of a policy ‘badly thought through’ and that the timing of the policy is ‘out of touch’ with the enormous pressures experienced by the care workforce.

“Since the introduction of this policy we have been vocal about the unnecessary high cost – in terms of human costs, financial costs and the loss in trust and goodwill amongst care staff and their employers as a direct result of this policy” said Vic Rayner.

“Care homes have been the unwitting guinea pigs through the implementation of this policy, and the impact on people must not be swept under the carpet. It is vital that the government learns from this experience and makes changes for the wider roll out of this policy. As we face a very difficult winter ahead, lessons must be learnt in how not to introduce a policy that has long term consequences on the very people we need to deliver the care and support many people and communities rely on.”


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