Care homes to feel the pressure of Labour’s new paws clause

Labour has  unveiled plans for a ‘paws clause’ to allow elderly people to keep their pets in care homes.

Environment spokesperson Claudia Beamish wants to assess the benefits and challenges of making it the norm for pets to be allowed in supported accommodation, as well as in rented or temporary accommodation.

Labour wants to ensure that people have the opportunity to keep their pets as a default, unless there is evidence that the animal is causing a nuisance.

Ms Beamish said: “For so many, our pets are treasured members of the family, but in many circumstances transitional and new living arrangements can risk splitting people up from their furry friends.

“Whether it is having limited choices in rented accommodation, moving into a care home or sheltered housing, or seeking temporary accommodation for the homeless – all of these people should have the right to keep their beloved pets by their side. This can be distressing for animal and owner, and can add to our already overcrowded local rehoming centres.

“In consultation with landlords, tenants, care home and temporary accommodation providers, and advocate groups, Scottish Labour will assess the possibility of people keeping their pets as default.”


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