Care insurer says CQC statistics are misleading

The Care Quality Commission figures that one in three care homes are failing are unfair and misleading, according to care home insurance specialist David Waters.

Mr Waters, (right) managing director of Care Home Insurance Services (CHIS), believes the CQC’s measurement is blunt and heavy-handed and does not provide an accurate reflection of the care industry.

“We need a broader debate on what people require from care and how we need to adapt to properly care for an ageing population,” he said. “To do this we must assess care home operators in a meaningful, fair way and one which encourages positive change.

“At the moment struggling businesses are being financially penalised for failings that are, in some instances, minor. Slapping fines on broadly well managed, yet in many cases inadequately funded and financially distressed care homes will only perpetuate failings, rather than driving improvements.

“The vast majority of care operators provide an excellent level of care and this is being eclipsed by a small minority of poorly performing care home operators.

“There are some care homes that are failing, but why haven’t these being dealt with? The regulator was established twelve years ago for precisely this reason. We should judge each on its own merits and address any problems constructively, rather than tarnishing the care industry with a broad brush.”


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