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Care England invites politicians to ‘Care For Our Future’

‘Care For Our Future’ is a new roadmap for adult social care set out by Care England ahead of next year’s General Election.

The manifesto for the sector sets out the sector’s priorities across three key themes: workforce, funding and integration – and a roadmap of recommendations to be implemented within 100 days, two years and five years of entering office.

Within 100 days of the next Government taking office:
• Mandate the professional registration of adult social care staff in England
• Zero-rate VAT for welfare services in England
• Mandate direct adult social care representation at all ICS levels in England

Within two years of the next Government taking office:
• Implement a fully-funded £15 minimum care wage and develop parity of esteem with NHS staff
• Close the Fair Cost of Care funding gap and repeat the exercise at a sector-wide level
• Publish a strategy for hospital discharge which introduces a national tariff of £1,500 per week

Within five years of the next Government taking office:
• Consolidate reforms within a fully-funded, long-term adult social care workforce plan
• Deliver a long-term adult social care funding settlement, with a £10bn annual funding boost
• Deliver a fully mapped prevention and integration plan

Care England CEO Professor Martin Green said: “Our roadmap accounts for the challenging economic situation likely to be inherited by the next Government, prioritising measures that would stabilise the sector in the immediate term and transform care over the next five years. By giving the sector the resources and confidence it needs, the next Government can play a decisive role in delivering an adult social care sector that is fit for our future and that the nation can be proud of.”

The Care England manifesto has the support of a wide range of stakeholders.


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