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Left wing think-tank sets out its vision for a National Care Service in England

A roadmap to a National Care Service in England has called for independent providers to be licensed, national employment conditions to be imposed and standardised service pricing to become the basis for commissioning.  

The Fabian Society Policy report Support Guaranteed: The roadmap to a National Care Service also calls for strengthened local partnerships between commissioners and providers and added flexibility for local authorities to choose the “right mix” of public, non-profit or for-profit providers when planning new capacity.

The recommendations for providers from the Labour party affiliate think-tank form one of ten ‘building blocks’ that will support the creation of a new National Care Service in England. Others look at areas such as workforce, access, models or support and funding.

Key elements of the funding proposals include: prioritise ‘year one’ stabilisation spending with the aim of tackling the workforce crisis and ensuring service continuity and implement a 10-year spending commitment to significantly raise expenditure in real terms every year, based on a national funding formula.

Workforce proposals cover introducing national employment terms, pay bands and minimum pension entitlements and professional registration.

Care workers charity CWC has welcomed many of the workforce proposals but has expressed disappointment at the lack of a professional body for care workers. CWC CEO Karolina Gerlich said: “[This is] an essential part of ensuring that care workers and their skills and hard work get the respect and recognition they deserve.”


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