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Dementia leaders call for rethink of long-term care provision

The Scottish Government should explore alternative approaches to long-term care that move away from traditional, large-scale care home environments.

That is the conclusion of a new report, Long Term Care Commission published by Alzheimer Scotland.

The report argues that in the private care home sector, financial viability and return on investment are the main drivers for care provision – rather than understanding of consumer demand and need.

This results in unequal provision in some communities, particularly in remote and rural communities across Scotland. In addition, in a challenging economic climate there will be increasing numbers of care home closures.

The lobby group concludes: “Little has been done to explore or develop alternative approaches to long term care that meet the needs and reflect the wishes and preferences of older people, people living with dementia and those with complex care needs.”

The report sets out 16 key recommendations to redraw the landscape of long-term care.  Among them is a full assessment of the provision of long term care facilities and resources in Scotland and the establishment of agreed levels of care home and  alternative care model places across Scotland.


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