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Care homes attract most complaints in Scotland

Complaints about care homes for older people in Scotland made up the biggest proportion of complaints received, according to the latest report from the Care Inspectorate.

Some 28 per cent of care homes for older people had at least one complaint upheld during 2022/23. Specific healthcare issues such as nutrition, medication, hydration, tissue viability, continence care and
inadequate care and treatment were the most frequent types of complaints.

The statistics show the Care Inspectorate actioned every complaint received and responded appropriately using a risk-based assessment process to satisfactorily resolve complaints as quickly as possible.

The Care Inspectorate received 5,910 complaints in 2022/23, a continuation of the long-term increasing trend in concerns/complaints received.  

A total of 4,495 complaints were resolved using the Care Inspectorate’s four resolution pathways. In 52 per cent of these, the information given by the complainant was provided to the inspector for that service to be used to inform and focus future scrutiny activity. The regulator upheld 76 per cent of the complaints where the Care Inspectorate conducted an investigation.   

Jackie Irvine, chief executive of the Care Inspectorate, said: “It is important that people can resolve any issues they may have with the care they experience, whether this is by contacting the Care Inspectorate, or by raising it directly with their care service.

“Our focus in all areas of our work, including complaints, is on improving the quality of care and outcomes for people who experience care. Everyone in Scotland has the right to good quality care that meets their needs and respects their rights.”


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