Cautious welcome for CCTV petition

Bosses at Care Protect have cautiously welcomed the Government’s response to a petition calling on care homes to protect vulnerable people by installing CCTV, but warn that much more needs to be done.

Almost 13,000 people have already signed the petition but Philip Scott, managing director of Care Protect, is encouraging thousands more to sign up to ensure that the use of camera monitoring remains high on the agenda.

The Government response to the online petition states that ‘the Government does not object to the use of CCTV cameras in care homes on a case by case basis.

The response concludes that ‘care providers and members of the public, including care service users and their families, are free to decide whether or not to employ CCTV or covert monitoring.’

Philip ScottPhilip Scott, (left) of Care Protect, said: “It is a fact that the majority of care homes are compassionate environments where residents can feel safe and cared for, however it is also a sad fact that there are individual cases of serious abuse that occur, even in the best homes.

“As a former nurse and home manager myself, I strongly believe that the use of independently monitored smart intelligent cameras is something that the sector needs to consider and debate, to safeguard both service users and staff. For over thirty years abuse issues have been reported on an almost weekly basis yet despite repeated efforts to strengthen legislation, prioritise whistleblowing and improve inspection processes, abuse continues unabated.

“The time has come to stop talking and take action and I implore people who feel as strongly as I do that the abuse of vulnerable people should not be tolerated to sign the petition and keep the debate going.”


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