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Councils highlight funding and knowledge as barriers to care tech adoption

Councils have highlighted funding issues and lack of knowledge of available care technology solutions as barriers to take-up.

A new report calls for assistive technology (AT) to become ‘mainstream’ in adult social care services.

Employing Assistive Technology in Adult Social Care makes recommendations including the following:  

  • Ensure that social care reform includes a commitment to a National Strategic Framework for integrating assistive technology (AT) into social care.
  • Ensure there is appropriate infrastructure in place to enable assistive technology to be used effectively in all parts of the country.
  • Facilitate improved education and training for social care professionals to ensure they are confident in utilising assistive technology within their role.
  • Encourage greater co-creation of solutions through adult social care professionals and technology developers working collaboratively.

Published by the County Councils Network (CCN) and supported by Tunstall Healthcare, the report looks at the prevalence of assistive technology (AT) in county authorities and what can be done to both scale it up across whole social care systems, and maximise its benefits to people in care and professionals.

One quarter of respondents said that the benefits of AT were only partially realised in their authorities. Eleven county authorities surveyed as part of the report said that AT was more difficult to roll out in rural areas compared to urban locations.


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