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COVID-19 vaccination SOP published to support care managers

The Department of Health and Social Care has published a standard operating procedure (SOP) to support the COVID-19 vaccination of all community-based frontline social care workers by mid-February. 

This tackles key issues for care managers including the need to manage the logistics of releasing staff to receive their vaccine, while maintaining safety and continuity of care.

Managers are also urged to consider how to maximise the uptake of vaccinations through conversations with care staff, using nationally available staff and public communications materials, and the consent

There is also advice on vaccination in homes with COVID-19 infections.

In a new legal FAQ, Joanne Moseley, practice development lawyer (employment) – senior associate, Irwin Mitchell LLP discusses the following questions relating to care staff COVID-19 vaccination:

  • If we make a reasonable request for staff to be vaccinated, what can we do if they refuse?
  • Can we dismiss anyone who unreasonably refuses to be vaccinated?
  • Can we insist that our staff tell us if they’ve been vaccinated? 
  • What has the government said about vaccination?
  • Do the rules about health and safety at work provide any guidance about COVID vaccinations?

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