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Navigating change around the CQC’s Single Assessment Framework

Hempson’s partner Philippa Doyle was a guest on our latest podcast, and here she outlines what the CQC’s new single assessment framework will mean for providers?

The CQC is changing the way it inspects and reports on services but what are the evidence requirements for providers and what areas of the current system will remain the same?

The CQC’s long-awaited Single Assessment Framework (SAF) is slowly being shared. Its implementation has been somewhat delayed, due to IT technicalities and resourcing, but we seem to have a clear(ish) timetable for providers to have access to the new portal, with social care providers in the South ‘going live’ first and the rest of the country expected to go live over the next few weeks.

Philippa Doyle

Keep watching CQC’s website and sign up for updates to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

Business as usual?

Whilst the SAF is badged as a full-scale change in the inspection process, that change sits with CQC, not with providers.

It is CQC that is  changing the way it  inspects, the questions they ask, how they rate and how they report.

For providers, it is business as usual.

The regulatory framework that underpins the delivery of care has not changed and is not changing. The Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014 and the Fundamental Standards of Care, enshrined in Part Two of those Regulations,  is here to stay.

All of the good work that you and your teams have done so far and continue to do, and all the excellent policies and procedures you have in place can stay.

Keep ensuring your care planning is person centred.

Keep ensuring your staff are up-to-date with training.

Keep ensuring your medicines management is carefully delivered, monitored and audited.

More information is available from Hempsons.

Hear Philippa Doyle discuss the above in our latest industry-leading podcast. Tune in here.


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