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NCA pens letter of deep concern following new-style CQC inspections

National Care Association executives have written to the CQC expressing “deep concerns”, following new-style inspections.

In a letter, NCA executive co-chairmen Nadra Ahmed and Ian Turner describe the culture in CQC as “hostile at the ground level”. They also liken the stress caused by a CQC inspection to that of Ofsted school inspections, which hit the headlines last year following a headteacher’s suicide.

In the letter, the NCA leaders say that the stress of CQC inspections, as well as ongoing pressures, are affecting home manager recruitment. They urge the CQC to adopt a similar approach to Ofsted and recognise the stresses associated with an inspection. In addition, the letter asks the CQC for clarification on the following points:

  • What mental health training does CQC offer inspectors in relation to managers subject to inspection?
  • What process exists for managers to raise concerns about an inspection and, possibly, to pause the inspection?
  • Has there been consideration of the mental health impacts for managers of using CQC IT systems
  • The imperative to introduce an independent appeals process for factual accuracy, ratings reviews, and complaints about the conduct of individual inspectors, assessors, and their managers.

The NCA describes it as “inconceivable” that appeals remain an ‘in-house’ process.


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