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Care homes urged to take part in Care Data Matters consultation

Care homes are being encouraged to take part in the DHSC Care Data Matters consultation.

The consultation considers the role of Caldicott Guardian in social care, and is open until 31 July.

In an article Caring about social care, care homes are urged not to see the Caldicott Guardian role as a way to ‘tick a box’.

National Data Guardian for Health and Social Care Dr Nicola Byrne says: “This role matters as a key component of supporting staff and maintaining a demonstrably trustworthy health and care system.”

In the article, she considers the “long-known but awkward truth” that if public health is to improve, there needs to be more investment in social care and social determinants of health.

She notes: “Ensuring the appropriate resourcing of social care requires potentially politically contentious decisions. In the absence of substantial additional funding, questions may need to be asked about the diversion of funds from organisations labelled ‘health’ to ‘care’, or even beyond.”

The article highlights that historically health takes the limelight. She says: “We make people better when they get sick’ is an easier, more engaging (more pleasingly dramatic, even) tale for those of us in health to tell, than its equivalent of ‘We support people to live well and be active in their communities’.”

She added: “The challenges during the COVID pandemic should give us all pause to consider how we want health services and social care services to work together to support individuals.”


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