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New guidance for managers and staff with digital transformation

New guidance has been published to support care home employers with upskilling staff with digital care.

The new guidance covers skills for staff. There is also What Good Looks Like guidance for managers to support digital transformation.

Managers’ guidance supports the following principles of digital transformation:

  • Well led
  • Ensure smart foundations
  • Safe practice
  • Support workforce
  • Empower people
  • Improve care
  • Healthy populations

The skills development framework for staff covers seven themes including ‘Using technology to support person-centred care’. At a basic level this includes skills such as:

  • Understand how technology can support person-centred care
  • Use technology to work in a person-centred way
  • Help people to learn about technologies that may benefit them
  • Help people to access their personal information and contribute to their digital social care record (DSCR)
  • Use technology to help people to build and maintain relationships and participate in their community.

Other themes cover:

  • Theme 2 – Technical skills for using technology
  • Theme 3 – Communicating through technology
  • Theme 4 – Using and managing data
  • Theme 5 – Being Safe and Secure Online
  • Theme 6 – Ethical use of technology
  • Theme 7 – Digital learning, development and wellbeing  


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