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Ensure residents are supported with EU settlement scheme applications

Care leaders have called on the Home Secretary to extend the EU settlement scheme deadline to protect residents in care homes.

Scottish Care and Age Scotland believe there could be more than 1,600 over 65s who are eligible for the EU settlement scheme but are yet to apply. In an open letter they say that many people who have lived in the UK for many years, or are living in care homes or living with dementia, may be unaware of their requirement to register for the Scheme by 30 June. Equally, they may be unable to do so due to barriers including lack of access to the required technology or face-to-face support.

The organisations stress the importance of avoiding a repeat of the shocking injustice faced by members of the Windrush Generation who have lost residence rights, were denied treatment and other benefits, or forcibly removed from the UK.

Scottish Care Chief Executive Donald Macaskill urges care home staff to support eligible residents with their applications.


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