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ICS: “Working beyond boundaries”

In Herefordshire and Worcestershire (H&W), ICS leaders have created an ICS Academy. The aim of the Academy is to be a key enabler of the ICS’s work by developing the locality’s workforce talent across all health and care disciplines.

H&W ICS serves a health and care workforce of 19,500, with adult social care accounting for 1,157 (6%) – plus some 300 or so voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations.

The ethos within the Academy is to improve the talent base across the ICS health and care plus VCSE sectors though increased access to, and take up of professional development opportunities, including apprenticeships.

Key to the structure of the Academy is a move away from previous hierarchical medical models. To achieve greater equity within the organisation, seven equal faculties have been created, of which social care is one, alongside those for medical, pharmacy, healthcare science, nursing and midwifery, allied healthcare professionals and voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE). In the social care faculty, local care leaders – in the case of H&W ICS it is Herefordshire Care Homes Association chair Karen Rogers – are intrinsically involved in the development of their own workstreams.   

H&W ICS Academy Director Kim Sales, who is leading the development of the Academy, comes to the ICS from a non NHS background and she is driving the equality agenda. She is adamant that there is an intrinsic interdependence between the workforces represented by the faculties. She says: “Even cancer involves social care.” She adds: “We’ve got to work beyond boundaries and bust myths to work out what is needed for the good of the whole ICS.”

However, it’s not been a one-sided effort. To gain a place around the ICS table, faculty leaders have had to demonstrate strong cultural intelligence – in layman’s speak: they show up and contribute in a committed, positive, solution-focused and inclusive way. All participating organisations within the system have also signed up to a memorandum of understanding to support the aims of the ICS academy

View a presentation on the H&W ICS academy


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