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Elevating care homes: The advantages of renting commercial equipment

By Charlie Robards, Business Development Manager at Miele Professional

The surge in the cost-of-living has led many businesses to reconsider their financial strategies and spending habits, including their approach to laundry management. Businesses are now struggling to rationalise the cost of purchasing commercial equipment outright in times of economic uncertainty. As a result, renting commercial equipment or outsourcing laundry processes are becoming increasingly adopted practices.

While outsourcing offers its advantages and allows care home managers to concentrate on other priorities, it isn’t without its faults. Quality control, hygiene standards, and sustainable practices may be compromised if laundry processes are outsourced, potentially jeopardising the reputation of care homes if these aspects are not maintained to high standards.


Renting can offer a more cost-effective alternative to outright purchases of commercial equipment. Care homes can benefit from premium machines without the burden of a significant upfront investment, allowing them to allocate resources more strategically while maintaining the highest standard of care for their residents. This flexibility is crucial during economic uncertainty, as it helps conserve funds and maintain financial stability.

Access to premium solutions

Technology is constantly evolving and improving. Renting allows businesses to access the latest and most advanced equipment without the significant upfront investment required for purchasing. In times of economic uncertainty, staying competitive may require leveraging cutting-edge technology to improve efficiencies and productivity. It also enables businesses to access updated equipment without committing to long-term ownership.

Enhanced efficiencies

Domestic machines are often chosen by care homes as their on-site solution due to their lower upfront purchase cost. However, they are not designed to withstand heavier loads and frequent use typical in busy care homes. Over time, these machines are more prone to breakdowns which will require maintenance and eventual replacement, making them more expensive to operate over the long-term. By opting to rent commercial machinery, care homes can streamline their laundry and dishwashing operations, reducing downtime and ensuring high levels of hygiene that domestic machinery cannot provide.

At Miele Professional, our rental solutions enable businesses to reach their full potential, providing the quality and flexibility needed to thrive. Our affordable rental contracts also include regular maintenance for complete peace of mind. If you’re interested in finding out more about how our rental contracts can support your care home, please visit:  


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