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What will you do differently as a result of COVID-19?

As the UK grapples with the ‘new normal’ of life with COVID-19, it’s possible to look back over the past few months and think about the many changes we have had to make in our lives.

For care homes, one of the many necessary changes has been how to manage pent-up demand from newly eligible visitors in a safe, and socially-distanced way.

For the government, there are many eyes on the changes it plans to make to the sector post COVID-19. From the Green Paper, care homes would ideally like more funding and more integrated, seamless partnerships with the NHS.

However, in one of nine statements to help shape adult social care reform, the Association of Directors of Adult Social Care Services (ADASS) has rallied for a conversation about the types of care and support we want for ourselves and our families, today and in the future and, the $64 million question: How do we pay for it?

A move into care is a big step for families as well as the recipient of care. Research published in Care Home Management’s July/August issue suggests that people view a move into residential care as a sign of failure.

So, is there actually a role for care homes in the future?

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Next Step sign on road | Nursing Home Advice

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