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Shifting the gear of social care

What should be done differently to build public support for meaningful social care reform?
That is a question being asked by the Nuffield Trust in a new blog, and also by Care Home Management in its March/April issue.

In the blog, Natasha Curry emphasises that with social care in England lagging behind other systems around the world, whoever wins the next general election will not be able to ignore the issue for long.

But to secure much-needed wins, certain changes are necessary:

  • Raising public understanding
  • Positive framing

In terms of public understanding, she says the problem lies in the fact that half the population believe social care to be free at the point of use as part of the NHS. So, when politicians announce new taxes to fund a reformed care system, often the assumption is that we are to be charged for something that is currently ‘free’. 

In terms of framing, she cites the example of France, which has recently established social care as the fifth pillar of the welfare state, and a vital component of public infrastructure.

She concludes: “Social care has been so badly let down by successive government of all hues. The next government cannot afford to follow suit.

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