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Happy talk at the Care Show

The body language of the audience said it all at the Care Show yesterday.

In a presentation entitled Speak Out! How to Make an Emotional Connection in Communication delegates were invited to think happy and sad thoughts.

They were then asked to analyse the effect of these thoughts on their body language. “When you feel sad, you tend to slouch forwards, and look down. Whereas happy thoughts make you physically come alive”, one audience member said.

In the presentation, Duncan Lewis, communication trainer at Eaglei stressed the key principles of customer success.

He said: “Being customer-centric is not just about your products and services: it’s about how people feel about you, and your physical body language is just one way to influence that.”

Giving his top tips for making those all-important emotional connections with staff, families and care home business partners, he said:

  • Have a positive reason for doing something. Avoid doing something just because it’s something you have always done
  • Treat every person as an individual
  • Be aware of your body language
  • Control your breathing to control your nerves
  • Develop light and shade in your tone of voice; avoid monotone conversations
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Smile
  • Take advice from peers.


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