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How payroll technology can boost staff retention

Care homes looking to reduce their staff turnover should consider investing in payroll technology.

Research by digital payslip provider PayDashboard reveals that efficient payroll processes can boost staff retention.

“In this climate it may seem counterintuitive to focus on something like payroll, but the truth is the decisions you make can, and will, have a huge impact on your employees’ wellbeing,” said Paul Gibbons, product owner and COO at PayDashboard.

Paul Gibbons

The research commissioned by PayDashboard found that 77% of employees who receive a lot of financial support from their employer are actively staying in their role because of it.

“In a sector like care, it can be nigh on impossible to provide the financial support every employee needs as there are just so many variables. Many employees are on several different pay rates or working changing hours,” said Gibbons. “And, with many care professionals hailing from outside the UK, some may be less familiar with UK payslip terminology or tax issues.”

PayDashboard has produced free financial education guides for care home employees, with simple guidance covering payslip terminology, checking your tax code, understanding the marriage allowance, and more.

Gibbons added: “Cloud technology has evolved the payslip from a government-mandated pay advice document to a hub of employee financial empowerment and engagement. This is good news for care home managers who faced ongoing challenges distributing payslips and engaging with their staff during the pandemic – at a time when their staff would have needed more support than usual.”


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