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Occupancy boosted by good interior design – podcast

How a care home looks inside, will have an impact on occupancy.

This is the view of Care Home Interiors Co. managing director Kerry Southern-Reason who, on our latest Supplier Special Podcast, says families will often judge a care home initially by its furnishings, fittings and decoration, regardless of the level of care.

“I was speaking to an operator who is a doctor and he mentioned a conversation he had with someone from the hotel sector,” she says. “He was told to look at things differently to boost occupancy because it’s not just about the care – it is about the curtains. In reality, although care is the most important thing a lay person is going to judge a home by the look and feel.”

Kerry Southern-Reason

In the podcast, hosted by Alan Rustad, Southern-Reason says care homes must invest in better care home interiors to boost occupancy. By taking pride in the look of your care home families can see that you care.

She adds that care homes must always think about sustainability and whether they can recycle furniture and furnishings

“The right look and furnishings will help residents to feel safe and secure. We mustn’t forget this is the residents’ home, so does the interior and the furnishings used reflect this?”

She also outlines some top tips for improving your care home interior on a set budget

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