Industry leaders support ADASS claim that care faces collapse

A warning that councils need more than an extra £1 billion for the care of elderly and disabled people has been supported by industry leaders

The report by the Directors of Adult Social Services says the new national living wage is puttin extra strain on care budgets and thousands of people have been affected by the closure of care homes. Councils spend up to 35 per cent of their budgets on adult social care and the need to make savings has left services stretched.

Professor Martin Green

Professor Martin Green

Care England’s chief executive, Professor Martin Green, said: “In the main, Directors of Adult Social Services recognise the essential nature of social care; however they need to have the confidence and thus resources to be able to plan and deliver for the weeks, months and years ahead.  

“The social care precept delivered in the Chancellor’s Comprehensive Spending Review has raised less than two thirds of the calculated costs of the National Living Wage. Its implementation is patchy around the country and it is abundantly clear that the investment in social care is not there.  This in turn impacts on the millions of people needing care and support; furthermore it has a knock on effect on the efficacy of the NHS”. 
Care England say they will ‘continue to turn up the volume’ on social care and work with politicians to ensure that providers can continue to provide high quality care for those in need.
Caroline Abrahams, charity director of Age UK said: “Despite the best efforts of councils to protect adult social services budgets, the latest ADASS survey continues to highlight the terrible and growing gap between the care needs of older people and the services available to meet them.
“Unless policy makers are willing to invest in the sector, thousands of older people and their families and carers face a bleak future living without basic daily needs being met. It is a disgrace that there are already  over  a  million older people who need support for things like getting dressed, going to the toilet, taking their medication or preparing their food who receive no help at all.
“There is an unprecedented uncertainty about the future of the social and political landscape which impacts all of us. This should not come at the expense of older people and the services that they require. We urge the new Prime Minister to recognise the importance of quality social care and commit to increased investment as an urgent priority.”




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