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Investment in social care is an investment for future, says NCA

The National Care Association says it is taking the concerns of small and medium sized care providers to the very heart of government. The NCA is highlighting the sector’s urgent concerns for the sustainability of long-term care for some of the most vulnerable members of our society, which is a direct response to the overwhelming demand for a more accessible national care provision.

The NCA is calling for a clearer recognition of the essential role played by small and medium sized enterprises who, as care home providers, are not only the backbone of the NHS but will also be the economic engine that provides the growth in future care provision our sector demands.

Nadra AhmedNCA Chairman Nadra Ahmed (left) says: “There is a real opportunity to unite care providers and sector investors with government policy-makers and regulators to explore the future of national care provision, with particular emphasis on innovative solutions for new business models in partnerships between Government and Providers.

“At a time of turbulence in public services, it is essential for our country to demonstrate that, as a society, we recognise the value of essential care and support services for the frailest and most vulnerable members of our community, and – critically – that we create a progressive road-map for users and providers alike to ensure sustainable and successful continuity of our care home sector. It is essential that we close the gap and ensure that we get social care provision back on track’.

“Sadly, the systematic underfunding of social care by national and local government is creating instability and commentators are alluding to the collapse of the independent social care market, which could, in turn, mean that thousands of vulnerable people will struggle to access care and support at a time when they are the most in need.

“Our challenge is to ensure that this does not happen – we have to be the voice of those who cannot speak out for themselves. Social Care remains the backbone of the NHS; without it we know that the NHS would be unsustainable. Ironically public perception of social care provision is driven by a media that continues to focus on appalling failings in the NHS establishment and re-focusing it on social care provision. We believe that it is time independent social care providers should not only be heard but valued for their contribution to the wider community and the public we serve.”



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