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Welsh regulator adds IPC quality indicator to care home standards

The Care Inspectorate in Wales has updated its Quality Framework for Support Services (not care at home).

 There are two major changes:   

  • New ‘core assurances.’ Areas that are essential to a safe service
  • A new quality indicator to key question 1: How well do we support people’s wellbeing?  Indicator 1.5 reads: ‘People’s health and wellbeing benefits from safe infection prevention and control practice and procedure’.  

In more detail, the regulator will be assessing leadership and staffing arrangements to prevent the spread of infection and how, during outbreaks of infectious diseases, people’s health and wellbeing needs continue to be met and their rights are protected

Illustrating very good quality, the regulator highlights best practice including the following:  

  • People are safe and protected because leaders are proactive in ensuring that systems and resources are in place to support effective infection prevention and control and are responsive to potential and actual outbreaks of infection
  • People are confident that staff have the necessary training, skills and competence to prevent the spread of infection, provide advice and keep people safe and supported particularly during an outbreak of infectious disease. This includes agency, bank and temporary staff.
  • Staff reliably and consistently implement standard infection control precautions (SICPs) to reduce the risk of spread of infection. This includes between different areas within the service and any community settings, where shared transport is used, and the safe management of any laundry and care waste.

The regulator has scheduled a webinar: to support the revised quality framework and new self-evaluation toolkit.  This takes place on Friday 21 April between 10:00 – 11:30.

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