Job vacancies rise by 8.8 per cent in the care sector

Advertised job vacancies in the care home sector rose by 8.8 per cent between February and March, according to CV-Library, the UK’s leading independent job site, which compared data from March 2018, with February 2018. 

The company’s analysis shows that application rates rose in March by 5.8 per cent, despite a slump in advertised salaries of 1.3 per cent month-on-month

Social care now ranks seventh among the 10 top industries for job growth. The full list includes:

  1. Education +17.5 per cent
  2. Catering + 17.1 per cent
  3. Retail +15.7 per cent
  4. Legal + 13.6 per cent
  5. Marketing + 11.3 per cent
  6. Automotive + 9.8 per cent
  7. Social care + 8.8 per cent
  8. Hospitality + 7.7 per cent
  9. Construction + 6.3 per cent
  10. Sales + 5.7 per cent

CV-Library’s Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, added: “As we approach the second quarter of 2018 we hope to see this confidence continue on both sides, though businesses should consider offering more competitive pay packets if they wish to see candidate appetite strengthen even further this year.” 

Care Home Management editor Ailsa Colquhoun said: “Care homes can also think about retention and how employee engagement can help strengthen their HR proposition. For more information, look out for the May issue of Care Home Management magazine.”


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