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Invisibility will damage sector, say politicians

Parliamentarians have called on the Government to commit to a more positive and resilient approach to adult social care based on greater visibility, greater choice and control for care recipients and unpaid carers.

A new House of Lords report warns that the continued invisibility of the adult social care sector will increasingly damage the sector, its users and its workforce.

A “gloriously ordinary life”: Spotlight on adult social care, demands the following from Government:

1. Create the national imperative

  • deliver realistic, predictable and long-term funding
  • develop a realistic workforce plan
  • establish a Commissioner for Care and Support to strengthen the voice and identity of the sector
  • embed wellbeing, choice, and control in policy Care Act 2014, rooted in wellbeing, choice, and control
  • ensure that the voice of social care is heard within Integrated Care Systems.

2. Prepare for the future

  • recognise that more people will be ageing without children
  • invest in better knowledge and data to inform better policy.

3. Better choice and control for care recipients

  • enabling disabled people and older adults a genuine choice as to who supports them and access direct payments more easily;
  • providing accessible housing and assistive technology to achieve independent living;
  • working with social care staff to promote the skills to co-produce care;
  • enabling people to determine who supports them, and what relationship they want with their family and friend.


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