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Loss of agency is a key COVID learning point, Scottish report finds

Loss of agency in care homes has been highlighted as a key learning point of COVID-19, according to a new report from The Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland.

The report, Health, wellbeing and the COVID-19 pandemic, concludes that people felt they had a lack of choice in the enactment of the guidelines, with subsequent feelings of powerlessness, anger and frustration. People cited being unable to have visits with family and friends, to access outdoor spaces, or to take part in social activities within their communities, all of which have had a profound, negative impact on their mental health and wellbeing.  People perceived that regulations took  precedence over peoples’ wellbeing, resulting in feelings of isolation, boredom and   lower moods.

It must also be stated however, that the majority of people who responded praised carers and staff for their kindness and professionalism during these challenging circumstances.


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