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Scotland proposes national outcome for care and carers

Scottish carers and service users are urged to back a campaign to establish a National Outcome for care and carers in Scotland.

The proposed outcome has seven indicators to support better care home management:

  • National Indicator 1: Quality of life of carers, care workers and those experiencing care
  • National Indicator 2: The proportion of people experiencing care who report negative care and support services
  • National Indicator 3. The financial wellbeing of carers, care workers and those experiencing care
  • National Indicator 4: The voice and influence of carers, care workers and those experiencing care
  • National Indicator 5: Access to education and training
  • National Indicator 6: The adequacy of funding for care
  • National Indicator 7: The job quality of care workers

Some 45 organisations have come together to launch the proposed outcome in a ‘Scotland that cares campaign’ in light of the following findings:

  • 38 per cent of people receiving care feel service providers do not take account of the things that matter to them, and almost one in four have said they are not offered any choices about their care.
  • Fewer than one in five social care workers have their pay and conditions affected by agreements between employers and trade unions
  • Four in 10 people claim they don’t have a positive balance between care and other aspects of their life
  • Carers are also more likely to report having a long-term condition, illness or disability
  • Carers are more likely to live in poverty than non-carers (24% compared with 21%)
  • An estimated 36,000 people do not have access to social care services due to a £436m per annum funding shortfall.

The call for a new commitment for car comes as the Scottish Government prepares to launch its first review of Scotland’s existing 11 five-year National Outcomes. These outcomes are said to provider robust indicators to transparently track progress.

To support the campaign, Scottish care workers and people receiving care are asked to write to Scotland’s First Minister via an online portal.          


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