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NCF wins two digital social care project contracts

The National Care Forum has won two contracts to provide better data-based social care.

The winning NCF contracts commissioned by Digital Social Care include:

  • Identifying the key market drivers for a digital support service:  There has been an increase in the marketplace of private companies offering DSPT support to care providers, however the perceived quality of these services is variable. This project will explore opportunities to develop the market for commercial support to small and medium enterprise (SME) care providers in the future.
  • Learning from other sectors using the Data Security and Protection Toolkit: This project will investigate and learn from other sectors using DSPT– such as dentists, pharmacies and opticians – to identify where there are opportunities for additional programme developments.

The contacts should be delivered by March 2022.

Other contracts commissioned include:

  • Supporting diverse care providers to become Data Security and Protection Toolkit compliant – VODG: This project will explore how to support a wider, more diverse range of care providers beyond care home and home care service, to comply with the DSPT. This will include Shared Lives schemes, mental health services, hospices and supporting living services.
  • Training and skills development for the care sector – Institute of Public Care at Oxford Brookes University: This project will identify the data protection and cyber security training needs of small and medium enterprise care providers including current provision, and how the training market could be developed.
  • Supporting people drawing on social care to make informed choices about digital security – Liverpool Social Care Partnership: This project will establish if and how a better understanding of digital maturity and data and cyber security would enable people drawing on social care and their friends/families to make more informed choices about care providers.
  • Evaluating the Better Security, Better Care programme – Cordis Bright: This project is an independent evaluation of the Better Security, Better Care support programme activities during in 2021/22. Findings will inform the future activities for 2022/23.

The Digital Social Care/NHSX Better Security, Better Care programme supports providers with data protection and cyber security arrangements through the use of the Data Security and Protection Toolkit.

The Data Security and Protection Toolkit is an online self-assessment tool that allows health and social care organisations to provide assurance that they are undertaking good data security and that personal information is handled correctly.   

Michelle Corrigan, programme director of Better Security, Better Care said: “The Better Security, Better Care programme has already helped thousands of care providers to improve their data and cyber security arrangements … [this] is particularly timely given the current Log4j cyber vulnerability threat.”


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