Negative media coverage hits public confidence in care

A survey by online researchers Panelbase reveals that 76% of people do not believe care homes ensure the safety and welfare of residents.

The study, commissioned in early March by security technology company Care Protect, also found that 85% of respondents felt that negative stories in the media were reinforcing the poor image.

“At a time when many care providers are suffering significant financial constraints, this research demonstrates that the public perception is of a sector in crisis,” says Care Protect founder Philip Scott (pictured right). “It is very concerning that the majority of people do not feel that our care homes are safe places to live, and this is reinforced by the media regularly highlighting issues of abuse and poor care standards.”

At this week’s Future of Care conference in London the panel debate ‘What Next For The Care Sector’ discussed how the industry must do more to engage the media in positive stories around care.

The May issue of Care Home Management will include a feature on the importance of media training and positive storytelling.


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