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Nellsar staff receive diet check in wellbeing drive

Dietary Diary is a new initiative at the Nellsar group to improve staff wellbeing through diet.

In the initiative, nutritional therapist Leni Wood will review staff diets over a three to four day period. Wood says that key areas are vitamins and minerals, proteins, fats and the right kind of carbs. Key questions are: Does the diet look heavily processed and how can the processed foods be easily replaced rather than restricted? Does the diet support energy balance or is it a fatigue-driving diet? Is the diet an inflammatory diet which could be driving hormone issues or diabetes symptoms?

Wood says that a healthy, balanced diet can help improve the symptoms of conditions, including diabetes, obesity, hormone-related issues such as PMS, and menopause and fatigue.

She continued: “There is so much you can do with how you eat and this new dietary diary scheme is just another way of giving back to our amazing staff. We’re always looking to make positive adjustments for the well-being of our residents, and staff are no exception.”

Martin Barrett, managing director at Nellsar, said: “Offering free advice [to staff] to help boost their well-being too is just a small way of showing our appreciation.”


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