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New IPC standards published for Scotland

Healthcare Improvement Scotland has published new Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) standards that apply to health and adult social care settings.

In summary, the standards are as follows:  

Standard 1: Leadership and governance
The organisation demonstrates effective leadership and governance in IPC.

Standard 2: Education and training
Staff are supported to undertake IPC education and training, appropriate to their role, responsibilities and workplace setting, to enable them to minimise infection risks in care settings.

Standard 3: Communication
The organisation implements robust communication systems and processes to enable person-centred decision making, continuity of care and effective IPC throughout a person’s care experience.

Standard 4: Assurance and monitoring systems
The organisation uses robust assurance and monitoring systems to ensure there is a co-ordinated and rapid response to reduce the risk of infections and to drive continuous quality improvement in IPC.

Standard 5: Optimising antimicrobial use
The organisation demonstrates reliable systems and processes for antimicrobial stewardship to support optimal antimicrobial use.

Standard 6: Infection prevention and control policies, procedures and guidance
The organisation uses evidence-based IPC policies, procedures and guidance.

Standard 7: Clean and safe care equipment
The organisation ensures that care equipment is cleaned, maintained and safe for use.

Standard 8: The built environment
The organisation ensures that infection risks associated with the health and care built environment are minimised.

Standard 9: Acquisition and provision of equipment
The organisation demonstrates the acquisition and provision of equipment that is safe for use in health and social care settings.

The Healthcare Improvement Scotland standards aim to support services to quality assure their IPC practice and approaches, and the IPC principles set out in the National Infection Prevention and Control Manual.

The Care Inspectorate will take account of the standards in inspections.  


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