New online nutrition training for care home and hospital caterers

The Society of Food Hygiene and Technology (SOFHT) has launched a new Food Nutrition and Healthy Eating on-line training course specifically for catering staff in care homes  and hospitals.

Ideal for those who wish to develop their understating of healthy eating and the role of diet and exercise in maintaining good health, the level 2 course is suitable for staff working towards NVQs.

Although 3-5 hours long, the modular format of the training course means that it can be completed in different stages in the workplace to fit in with shift patterns, meaning staff do not have to take time away from work to train.

The course covers areas such as making healthy choices, special dietary requirements, reducing salt and sugar and the impact of cultural and religious beliefs on diet and menu planning.

Susan Werro, Training Director at SOFHT said: “With the provision of healthier quality meal options in care homes and hospitals in the spotlight, the new SOFHT Food Nutrition and Healthy Eating on-line training programme is inexpensive, delivers up to the minute information and can be studied in the workplace – a real boost to caterers and employers alike.”
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